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Thursday, December 18, 2008
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(Original Rare Third Reich
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Germany lost 5.5 Million military dead in WW2. At any one time, the war was fought on six fronts. An accurate count of civilian deaths, with day & night bombing of Germany during the full duration of the war (six years) was never made. Estimates vary greatly. This is their story ....

& Combat Videos

- Hitler Youth (2.26 min) - Stukas (2.50 min) -

- Panzers Roll Forwards In Africa (3.14 min) - AfrikaKorps (Color 1.23 min) -

- Its Great Being A Soldier Song (2.42 min) - Newsreel Paratroops Soldiers of the Sky (14.08 min) -

- Newsreel North Africa (5.41 min) - Wehrmacht The Entire Company (2.53 min) -

- A Tiroler Wants To Hunt (2.36 min) - A Ship I Saw Sailing (1.30 min) -

- National Anthem 1936 (057 min) - -

- Forward (3.08 min) - Forward To The East (2.59 min) -
Non-Stop Third Reich
Soldier Songs & Marches

- Silesia March - From Finland To the Black Sea -

- Bye Bye Poland Land - German Army Marches (Stereo) -
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