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Kriegsmarine Ahoy
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
hunters_at_sea_michel_guyot (600 x 250)
Action Newsreels
- Sailor Songs

Marches of the Third Reich War Navy
The Navy That Fought the World
2551723740100673241S600x600Q85 (600 x 250)

Kriegsmarine - Introduction - We Sail Against England March
4424p (600 x 250)

- Footage III Reich film - Kriegsmarine -
- German Submarines (English version) -
uboat_2.sized (600 x 250)

- The Uboat Song - Greetings On Kiel -

- Torpedoes Away - Black,White,Red at Sea -
4424p (600 x 250) (300 x 250)4423p (600 x 250) (300 x 250)

- U99 Searching Out the Enemy -

- 1940 U-Boat Victorious returns - Uboat In Action 1941 -

Kriegsmarine Torpedo Boats Speed Boats

- Torpedo Boats - U-Tanker -

Laying Mines in Finlands Waters - Battleships Gneisenau and Scharnhorst -
German Battleship Scharnhorst
- Proudly Waves the Flag Black White Red -

- Kriegsmarine 1940 - Otto Kretschmer U-Boot -

Kriegsmarine Rare Newsreels
of the Third Reich
1110011123_0a2ba32560 (600 x 400)
German Battleships Raid the Seas
Third Reich Ships crack through the English Channel

Third Reich Navy Fight in the English Channel

Third Reich Newsreel: U-Boats

Third Reich Newsreel: Uboat sinks Courageous
uboat (600 x 300)

Third Reich Destruction of Allied Fleet

Sink The Bismarck WW2 Classic

Third Reich Battlecruisers Scharnhorst on Patrol

Graf Zeppelin Newsreel

German U-Boat Newsreel Refuel at Sea
kriegsmarine001 (600 x 500) (600 x 400)
index (600 x 400)
61QBZ7FCQDL._SS500_abo (200 x 153)bild7
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